The Process

Communication is a process, not a momentary accomplishment. No one gets to say, "Well that's done. I communicated that information." 

Communication Process includes four elements, the Sender, the Receiver, the Message, and Feedback. The Sender Encodes the Message and the Receiver Decodes the Message. The Sender Encodes the Message primarily into Writing or Speaking. The Receiver Decodes the Message primarily into Reading or Listening.

Our society pays much more formal attention in school to developing good skills in Reading, Writing, and Speaking, than we do to developing good Listening skills.

Nearly half of the average adult's waking hours are spent in Listening, while the other skills of Reading, Writing, and Speaking share the remaining half. Therefore, if the executive who makes $100,000 per year has poor listening skills, he may be wasting nearly $50,000 of his company's investment in him each year.

The Atlanta Listenary thanks and honors the teachers, and parents, who do informally require and train in Smart and Safe Listening skills!